About Me

Hi, I am Henokh Wiranegara, a photographer from All Seasons Photo.

Those who don’t really know me would see me as a serious and reserved person, but once they get to know me, they will say that I am a pretty outgoing, funny, and also a patient person.

Being a photographer allows me to meet new people, and I really enjoy listen to their stories as they give me a lot of valuable lessons. I like how they often share their love stories, especially the part when they met their loved ones. It reminds me of the time I was dating my wife back then, and it makes me love my family even more as it brings back sparks from the old times.

I hope that the moments I capture through my photos would remind my clients of the good times they shared together, which hopefully can strengthen their relationship overtime and they can cherish in the future.

This website is my story and my journey as a photographer and as a blogger. I hope every it will inspire you!


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