Journey to Matrimony

You know the distance never made a difference to me
I swam a lake of fire, I’d have walked across the floor of any sea
Ignored the vastness between all that can be seen
And all that we believe

As love is the most glorious thing that happens to humanity, being trusted to accompany such momentous milestones are no small feat. So our deepest gratitude for Fandy and Marcella to have faith in us for documenting the journey from pre-wedding, at the wedding and up till maternity.

Before matrimony, the journey was already set in motion decades ago from an elementary school in Tarakan. In those small classes two souls have marked each other without knowing. As they graduate, circumstances have separated them to different parts of the world. But they both knew their time wasn’t over, they are not done with each other. After a while eventually they reconnect and find a special connection and bond over their past memories and present moments.

Between 1050 miles, with every video call, every good morning text, bonding over their parallel circumstances they fall in love piece by piece. As their love grew with every obstacle, guided by the hand of faith Fandy crossed the distance to Surabaya from Malaysia to confess his undying love for Marcella in person. And after 3 years of long distance dating they decided to walk down the aisle and solidify their love. Their friends and family cheered as they saw the couple seal their promise to each other.

May these moments be the start of a long, happy life together.