Stranger to Lovers

Watch the world from the sidelines
Had nothing to prove
‘Til you came into my life
Gave me something to lose

We are forever grateful that Lady and Surya trusted us to record their journey from before their wedding, throughout their wedding, and all the way up to pregnancy. Our journey with them has been nothing less than a magical experience in Banyuwangi.

This is probably not your typical love story, not our typical high school sweetheart or longtime best friends. For one reason most regular couple call each other pet names like ‘Baby’, ‘Love’, or even ‘Boo boo’ something sweet and a bit cheesy and on the other hand the first nickname that Surya give to Lady is ‘Bos’, which isn’t a nickname that exudes very flirtatious energy. While pet names aren’t his best forte one thing he did best is never makes the conversation boring. He is someone who can continue chats past midnight, and on that night Lady finally opens her heart to Surya.

After some time they finally meet at Lady acquaintance’s wedding. There is a quote “we fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once” They may not catch the bouquet of flowers but they too did follow suit to have a wedding of their own. Their bond grew stronger after that and hopefully this is only the beginning of their new and happier lives.

Once again, congratulations on the happy couple. May this serve as a beginning to a new and happier lifes.